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TammyWOW February 24th, 2001 04:25 PM

Here are a few "I am's" for today, in no particular order..

I am a WOW.

The WOW Forum Coordinator, to be more specific. I have been a WOW since 1996 and just had my 12-year WOW anniversary in August. I am just as amazed by the women of WOW today as I was when I discovered WOW all those years ago!

I am a Social Worker.

I am a chronic pain patient and have more implanted metal and computerized components than R2D2. :cackle:

I am a musical theater junkie.

I am an animal lover.

Ok, so that's a little bit about me. Who are you? <g>

Fill it in: I am __________________. :D

roo February 24th, 2001 04:29 PM

I a first wahooooooooo!
yeah me!!!!

(((((Tammy))))) ok here is my co0ntribution to "I am _______" (fill in the blank): "I am a spaz"

/me flees

ShadowWOW February 24th, 2001 04:31 PM

<font size=6 color=red>I am INNOCENT! <g>

roo February 24th, 2001 04:32 PM

Shadders is so not innocent and so not first MUHAHHAHHAHHAA

ShadowWOW February 24th, 2001 04:32 PM

and the antithesis of innocent posted just before me <WEG>



roo February 24th, 2001 04:35 PM

-- orginal innocent WOW material, unlike you, Shadders, who is AKA the Anti-innocent!

Dont be bitter :)

TammyWOW February 24th, 2001 04:42 PM

roo's contribution----> "I am first"


TammyWOW February 24th, 2001 05:00 PM


{{{{{{{{SpamChallengedTF}}}}}}}}}} <g>

You can fill it in more than once ya know :D

LiamFan! February 24th, 2001 06:23 PM

I am glad to see {{{Tammy}}} has a folder!

TammyWOW February 24th, 2001 07:18 PM

I am ====> Glad Challenge is home!


I am ====> Glad I learned when the Battle of Hastings was <g>

DanceWOW February 25th, 2001 01:17 AM

"I am________ glad to visit your folder and give you a hug"!! {{{{{Tammy}}}}}

TammyWOW February 25th, 2001 01:20 AM

{{{{{{{Dance}}}}}}}}} and I am glad you did! <G>

SkyeWOW February 25th, 2001 03:59 AM


I am ______________ wake for the moment!:)

SereneWOW February 25th, 2001 07:30 AM

"I am seriously worried about the sanity of some WOWs"
That's MY guess...... :D

Dawgie27 February 25th, 2001 01:41 PM

I am ~~ thinking ya need a few Scooby Snacks around here Tammy!! *Grin*

<font color=darkorchid> {{{{{{{{{ Tammy }}}}}}}}}}

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