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PinoWOW February 20th, 2001 11:22 AM

Hi, ((((((SkyeWOW)))))))) Nice place you've got here.

AirWOW February 20th, 2001 11:29 AM

{{{{Skye}}}}} Morning sunshine!!!

CAB220 February 20th, 2001 04:51 PM

Hi SkyeWOW just dropped by to say hello and I really enjoy your news review on sunday nights! Keep up the good work! You do a great job!! :-)

anniejoan February 20th, 2001 06:21 PM

(((((((( SkyeWOW )))))))))) hi hi.

It's so clean in here!!! My goodness.....no spam, no pictures....we'll have to make it mess..er,homey...comfy.
Me leaves chocolate for you (sugarfree) a phone card <sigh> and me takes away your debit card just for a little bit......for safe keeping.
See you in ws, well, if you can stay off the phone that is. Sheesh.

SkyeWOW February 20th, 2001 07:02 PM

ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk ((((anniejoan))))) DO NOT TAKE AWAY MY DEBIT CARD<g> Take my checkbook, my savings, my cd's I don't care, but NOT my DebitCard! Besides, I need it to get the car out of the shop, rofl!

(((Pino))) good to see you!!!:)

(((Air))) I have my sunglasses on while posting<g> seriously, the migraine from down under has kicked in and it doesn't hurt as much to open the eyes with the specks on, lol.

(((Cab))) Why thank you, I love that chat. You should visit more often:)

IRISH_EYES_99 February 20th, 2001 07:52 PM

1,2,3,4, Skye Wow well now nice place you have here:) don't mind if I help myself to the chocolates oh who took a bite out of each of them waaaaaa .... Good luck with the new boards
((((((Skye Wow))))) oh bty the 1,2,3,4 should have been sung to sky bar the candy lol take care

SkyeWOW February 20th, 2001 08:05 PM

((((GrannyIrish)))) I'm so glad to see you visiting! Please come back often, and oh btw....I think that Twinkle character is to blame for the bites> I'll have to keep an eye on her.

MoonWOW February 21st, 2001 11:21 AM

what's the Skye...........
without the Moon!!!! :)

((((((Skye))))))) lovely folder!

BeaconWOW February 21st, 2001 12:19 PM

Hey Hey {{{{{ SkyeWOW }}}}} Nice place you got here!!! :)

IRISH_EYES_99 February 21st, 2001 01:47 PM

Gee we have Skye Wow ,Moon Wow, I need to convert to a computer so maybe I can be "Starry" then we would have the Moon, theSky< and the stars rofl ..... rofl Love my wows love my roomies Love WS take care see you soon lol :)

DanceWOW February 22nd, 2001 12:05 AM


StarshineTF February 22nd, 2001 09:04 AM

(((((((( SKYE ))))))))) Nope, I didn't figure it would take ya long to peek over to the other side and see what was happening.

Good morning hon, hope to talk to ya soon.

tupi February 22nd, 2001 09:09 AM

Hi Skye! Wow this place is cool. Check out those new walls! Wait'll janpo gets in here. You do have the crayons locked up right?

/me sits on the sofa..kicks back with feet up on the coffee table. Hmm, this is nice. Ahh, mind if I watch tv...where's the tv? oh well, forget it

want to go swimming with me in Scribe's Oasis?

Terri February 22nd, 2001 09:13 AM

hey Skye, tupi where are you?

Cuzn February 22nd, 2001 12:29 PM

(((( Skye ))))

just checking in
wanted to make sure you dont all forget me!

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