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jonspaker January 9th, 2012 07:39 AM

Newbie from "IN"
Myself Jonspaker. I am 21 yr old single lady newbie here. I spend most of my free day time on my laptop to chat with my online friends, listen music, reading ebooks, watch movies/tv or cartoon and whenever i don't find anything interesting to do. I do join online communities, where i pleased to share my interesting, knowledge and discuss in interesting matters. That's why today i am at wowwomen community. I never visit here before and found lot of interesting discussion, where now i am going to participate myself. I just hope you guy's will pleased to see my availability there.

IRISH_EYES_99 January 9th, 2012 08:00 AM

Welcome again. :)

Wolf_angel January 9th, 2012 08:46 AM

Welcome to WOW jonspaker! Tis a great website one I have been blessed to be a part of since 1998. I know its telling my age LOL Yet many of us here have known each other for years yet we do have some newbies aka new people who come join and are now a part of our lives and this wonderful website. Many of them unknowingly have helped me thru the years. One :angelic: is IRISH_EYES_99! She is wise lovely and awesome in her own right. So join in check out the message boards. Have a great day!:)

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