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anniejoan April 24th, 2001 06:26 PM

<font color="darkslateblue" font size=4>
{{{{{{{{ SkyeWOW }}}}}}}}}}}}</font>
:hi: <font color="darkorchid"> (((((( beaches ))))))</font>
:hi: <font color="indigo"> ((((((( crazy )))))) </font>
:hi: <font color="orangered"> ((((((( janpo )))))) </font>
:hi: <font color="navy"> {{{{{{ AuroraWOW }}}}}</font>
/me leaves note to janpo: oh yeah??!!
<font color="purple" font size=5>Last Word!</font>
<font color="teal" font size=3> Last word!</font> <font color="forestgreen" font size=4> Last word!! </font> <font color="deeppink" font size=6> Last word!!</font> <font color="coral" font size=2>last word!!</font>
<font color="navy" font size=4>
And this just took me forever to do so you better appreciate it ms janpo-troublemaker-never-the-innocent-one!!! AND, today is Tuesday so you better have your correct underoos on!! Harumph!!!</font>

janpo1 April 24th, 2001 08:54 PM

<font size = "5" > <font color = "purple" > underoo's ooopsy did i forget those pesky little things again???? ohhhh its nice to be free sometimes rofl. Gee i do like your last word annie, although this is the last.Pffffttttt Takes her wing and beats annie over the head with it. Crazy sigh i love ya too friend. Geesh crazy you'd scare me if i wasn't your friend, muttering anyone who names themself crazylady can't be all bad :cackle: Oh am i supposed to say something to skye while i'm in here~~ ok skye~ your nice~~ you'd be nicer if you had refreshments in here ok?? :heh:

janpo1 April 24th, 2001 08:59 PM

<font size = "5" ><font color = "blue" >By the way has anyone seen beaches lately?? Her memory loss is scaring me some. She forgets a lot of things lately, like eating, vitamins, breathing etc. Last i saw her a bunch of wild cats were chasing her and yelling something like kitty litter~ maybe i was wrong but the cats were crossing their legs while running after beaches hmmmm.

IRISH_EYES_99 April 24th, 2001 11:39 PM

:hi: :hi: :hi: (((((:) :) Skye Wow, janpo, crazy, anniejoan, beaches, et all,))))))) I'm back and now I'm going to have the last word LAST WORD :)
:clap: :clap: :clap: here's a toast to each of you :) :drink: where's the :chicken: Here's to friendship may it abound, here's to WS may it be found?? lol hopefully by me waaaa Love yah.... Last Word. Word, Word, Word :clap:

SkyeWOW April 25th, 2001 12:45 AM

((((Irish)))) MistyWOW is sending you an irc so you can get into the room, it's a forward but its ok:-)

IRISH_EYES_99 April 25th, 2001 03:12 PM

:sad: :sob: Timbo's and Quassar's tell me that I can't get in or they can't locate the room.... hummm wonders if their is another way..... will keep searching ????? eyes open as I'm searching ^O?? Hey! oops forgot something here (((((hugs to all )))))

AuroraWOW April 25th, 2001 03:57 PM

<!-- created by redbird77@earthlink.net -->
<font color=ff00ff>!</font><font color=ff00cc>^</font><font color=ff0099>!</font><font color=ff0066>^</font><font color=ff0033>!</font><font color=ff0000>^</font><font color=ff3300>!</font><font color=ff6600>^</font><font color=ff9900>!</font><font color=ffcc00>S</font><font color=ffff00>k</font><font color=ccff00>y</font><font color=99ff00>e</font><font color=66ff00>W</font><font color=33ff00>O</font><font color=00ff00>W</font><font color=00ff33>!</font><font color=00ff66>^</font><font color=00ff99>!</font><font color=00ffcc>^</font><font color=00ffff>!</font><font color=00ccff>^</font><font color=0099ff>!</font><font color=0066ff>^</font><font color=0033ff>!</font> <font color=0000ff>H</font><font color=3300ff>o</font><font color=6600ff>p</font><font color=9900ff>e</font> <font color=cc00ff>y</font><font color=9900ff>o</font><font color=6600ff>u</font> <font color=3300ff>a</font><font color=0000ff>r</font><font color=0033ff>e</font> <font color=0066ff>h</font><font color=0099ff>a</font><font color=00ccff>v</font><font color=00ffff>i</font><font color=00ffcc>n</font><font color=00ff99>g</font> <font color=00ff66>a</font> <font color=00ff33>w</font><font color=00ff00>o</font><font color=33ff00>n</font><font color=66ff00>d</font><font color=99ff00>e</font><font color=ccff00>r</font><font color=ffff00>f</font><font color=ffcc00>u</font><font color=ff9900>l</font> <font color=ff6600>d</font><font color=ff3300>a</font><font color=ff0000>y</font><font color=ff0033>!</font> <font color=ff0066>I</font> <font color=ff0099>j</font><font color=ff00cc>u</font><font color=ff00ff>s</font><font color=ff00cc>t</font> <font color=ff0099>l</font><font color=ff0066>o</font><font color=ff0033>v</font><font color=ff0000>e</font> <font color=ff3300>t</font><font color=ff6600>h</font><font color=ff9900>i</font><font color=ffcc00>s</font> <font color=ffff00>s</font><font color=ccff00>i</font><font color=99ff00>t</font><font color=66ff00>e</font><font color=33ff00>!</font> <font color=00ff00>C</font><font color=00ff33>a</font><font color=00ff66>n</font><font color=00ff99>'</font><font color=00ffcc>t</font> <font color=00ffff>t</font><font color=00ccff>h</font><font color=0099ff>a</font><font color=0066ff>n</font><font color=0033ff>k</font> <font color=0000ff>y</font><font color=3300ff>o</font><font color=6600ff>u</font> <font color=9900ff>e</font><font color=cc00ff>n</font><font color=9900ff>o</font><font color=6600ff>u</font><font color=3300ff>g</font><font color=0000ff>h</font> <font color=0033ff>f</font><font color=0066ff>o</font><font color=0099ff>r</font> <font color=00ccff>s</font><font color=00ffff>h</font><font color=00ffcc>o</font><font color=00ff99>w</font><font color=00ff66>i</font><font color=00ff33>n</font><font color=00ff00>g</font> <font color=33ff00>i</font><font color=66ff00>t</font> <font color=99ff00>t</font><font color=ccff00>o</font> <font color=ffff00>m</font><font color=ffcc00>e</font><font color=ff9900>!</font>

IRISH_EYES_99 April 25th, 2001 04:07 PM

:hi: ((((Skye Wow)))) the colors are fantastic wonder if I can work on those hummmmmm ;;;:) : bounce: oh well.... I will take a rest for a few min still jet lagged .... will try again later... take care please give my (((((hugs to all wows and roomies )))) I miss them :( Love to each

SkyeWOW April 25th, 2001 06:06 PM

{{{{Aurora}}}} rofl I think we created a monster<g>

{{{{Irish}}}} did you recieve the one Misty sent? It should have taken you directly to the room. Let me check on something!

janpo1 April 25th, 2001 09:10 PM

<font size = "5" > <font color = "orange" > When is someone going to break the news to irish that we changed the locks on womenspace doors on purpose?? muttering she just keeps following us~~ oh by the way irish did you buy me a sovenier? Hi dlc~ how much do you miss me?? gee that's all?? Thats not much you know. How hurt am i?? what? wait dont move the room again~~ wahhhh i promise i'll be good!!
And irish This is the last word
the end :)

IRISH_EYES_99 April 25th, 2001 10:29 PM

:hi: :hi: (((((Skye Wow)))) (((((janpo,crazy and everyone))))) sheesh I've tried Timbo's and Swans and Quassars and Community-go to looks like I'm in and up pops the page saying I cannot enter this room ... MOVE BACK PLEASE>.. I miss everyone and am starting to mumble to this machine of mine.... I won't give up :sob: I won't give up... :) clicks heels together and says, "There's no place like home" "There's no place like WomensSpace" click click
Last word Janpo fini, end. last, "30" Love to all :)

CandleWOW April 26th, 2001 07:25 AM

<font color="blue" font size=5>
{{{{{{{{{ SkyeWOW }}}}}}}}}}}} Morning!</font>
Hope you had good restful sleep last night.

IRISH_EYES_99 April 26th, 2001 08:43 AM

:hi: :hi: (((((Skye Wow))))) woohoo :) :0) made it in under my other IRISH nic < fooled them rofl> see you there :drink: loves to all ::::
Last word fini.... :)

SkyeWOW April 26th, 2001 08:46 PM

{{{{janpo}}}} Now what makes you think we would go somewhere and not tell you<g>

{{{{Irish}}}}} I knew you'd be determined to make it in:-) See ya later!

{{{{Candle}}}} umm let's see<g> 10-1 and then 3-6..is that enough?? I know, I know... straight through would be better right? lol....

CandleWOW April 27th, 2001 06:23 PM

<font color="cornflowerblue" font size=5>
{{{{{{{{{ SkyeWOW }}}}}}}}}} Yep. Straight through would be better. How can you function on so little sleep?</font>
<font size=2>
/me leaves folder shaking head and feeling tired.</font>

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