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IRISH_EYES_99 May 17th, 2001 07:03 PM

<font color="3333cc" font size 6> (((((( Skye Wow))))) (((((janpo, anniejoan, and all who visit))))) hope you are having a great day... tomorrow being Friday will be even better :)

janpo1 May 18th, 2001 06:31 AM

skyewow skyewow is a friend
though her kicks may never end
her hosting chats are really neat
but trim those toenails on your feet

ahem , me takes a bow~~ its hard work to think so early in the morning rofl
waves hi to irish and annie~~ i beat you in here this morning!! neener neener

anniejoan May 18th, 2001 09:19 AM

(((((((( Irish )))))))))))) Happy Friday.

Ahem! Whips out paper from pocket.

janpo janpo roomie so fair,
she will take up any dare.
Spamming here and a poem over there,
she bows to show her underwear!

/me bows
:clap: :clap: :clap:

janpo1 May 18th, 2001 10:38 PM

rofl rofl rofl annie~~ snort snicker~~ loved that poem~~ umm do you think anyone else besides us appreciates tasteful things like our poems?? Where else could you read all our fine poems and look at all our masterpieces?? rofl:angelic:

IRISH_EYES_99 May 19th, 2001 07:36 AM

<font color="333399"font size=5> (((((SkyeWow))))
Not to be undone,and all in good fun,
Janpo (stinky feet)& Annie I must compete,
A poet I'm not,and thats just a thought. :eek:
<font color="336600" color size5>
((((Skye Wow, and all))))
rofl: I can't believe this,
I've lost me... gone to find me..if I should return, before I get back ..Please ask me to wait..... :)

anniejoan May 19th, 2001 09:38 AM

<font color="navy" font size=4>
roflrofl janpopoet. Not sure if anyone else can really appreciate our masterpieces, but just let them try to think up these poems!!! It's hard!

rofl Irish. You lost you?! Uh, oh. /me moves confused couch in here for Irish. Did you find SkyeWOW in your travels?</font>

janpo1 May 19th, 2001 11:02 AM

<font size = "5" > <font color = "blue" > wahhhh we've lost ourselves?? omg what do we do?? Irish and annie if i see you i'll let you know and if you see me would you do the same?? wait~ wheres my meds again? have i been here before?? Umm where am i?? Umm never mind~~ i forgot why i was here in the first place byeeeeeeeeeee

anniejoan May 20th, 2001 11:35 AM

<font color="pink" font size=4>
rofl I found you janpo and Irish. Did you find me? Can you see me? Yes? Oh, good. But we still lost SkyeWOW. Sending out the search party.</font>

anniejoan May 20th, 2001 11:37 AM

EEWwwwwwwwww! That color up there ^ was "pink". Don't like it. Won't use that one again. Sheesh!

janpo1 May 20th, 2001 12:37 PM

<font size = "5" > <font color = "orange" > ewww annie that color does stink rofl~~ Hey annie i found you~~ stay where you are so you dont get lost again~~ looking for the lost and found dept now~~ hello?? i've lost a wow~ yes skyewow is her name~~ she used to come in her folders a lot but now she went away. :(

anniejoan May 21st, 2001 11:46 AM

<font color="blue" font size=4>
/me Comes in, looks around, flops on couch and sobs.
Janpo? :::::sniff:::wipes tears::::: SkyeWOW is still lost and so is Irish. I'm just gonna stay on this couch until they show up, k?</font>

janpo1 May 21st, 2001 06:42 PM

<font size = "5" > <font color = "purple" > me sits next to annie on the couch and whispers~~ do you think they all left us for good?? shivers at the thought~~ well we could drown our sorrows in some ice cream you know!!! :clap:

StarshineTF May 24th, 2001 11:01 AM

Where oh where can my little SkyeWOW be

oh where oh where can she be

I've looked all around

and she's nowhere to be found

oh where oh where can she be

(((((((((((( SKYE )))))))))))) WHO LOVES YA!!!!

SkyeWOW May 26th, 2001 10:26 PM

{{{{{{{{{{{Starshine}}}}}}}}}}} who?<weg>

pssssssssst, I just wanted to see how long anniejoan and janpo were gonna sit on that couch and wait<g>


IRISH_EYES_99 May 27th, 2001 07:59 AM

<font color="red" font size =5> (((((((((SkyeWow))))))) It's me I found myself in the folders lol.... Did you miss me .. ;) actually Anniejoan and janpo set me off in the wrong direction.. aha, I'm a woman, Hear me R..O..A..R & asked for directios back.. :)rofl.... <font color="blue" font size =5>
Anniejoan and janpo they are it.....
They piffle in their underwear & have stinky feet....
:eek: :chicken: ......Have a dynamite day and ((((( hugs to all))))

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