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IRISH_EYES_99 April 7th, 2001 02:04 PM

:bounce: :bounce: :hi: :hi: (((((Skye Wow))) when I come back from my trip I wll try and do the colors rofl..:wink <sure I will> Will be leaving Thursday can't believe the time is here... of course only had two weeks to get everything together aha, I did it though.. doing laundry to get all the things I want to take ready.. not much though skirts and tops.. I'll have to pick up shorts tomorrow.. I'll try and get hold of "beaches" so she can keep an eye on "janpo" and anniejoan" while I'm gone:) rofl (((( hugs)))) IRISH_EYES_99

SkyeWOW April 7th, 2001 09:01 PM


SkyeWOW April 7th, 2001 09:03 PM

Have a great time!! And don't worry none, I'll make sure annie behaves!

NovaWOW April 8th, 2001 09:40 AM

:hi: Hi ya {{{Skye}}}

Sure was cool talkin' to ya in the rooms! Have a good Sunday!

SkyeWOW April 8th, 2001 05:11 PM

{ :hi: { :hi: { :hi: { Nova!!! } :hi: } :hi: } :hi: }

It was very good seeing you again!

mysterre April 10th, 2001 08:54 PM

Where's My Sub?

I believe you owe me one sub. :)



p.s. are you sure you can watch anniejoan?

anniejoan April 11th, 2001 07:16 PM

<font color="blue" font size=4>
:p I'll have you know that I made it over to the new room...and you weren't even here to help me!!! Well, sheesh!
So I think it's janpo that needs the watching......I <B>always</B> behave. :angelic:
<font color="green" font size=4>
((((((((Irish))))))))</font> Wooooohoooooo Irish!!! You go tomorrow!!! OMG. You must be soooooo excited. Have a great time and when you get back, I'll teach you how to do the colors. Now all I have to do is learn how to do the rainbow color ones like up there ^.
<font color="plum"
(((((( mysterre )))))) hi hi</font> :hi:

IRISH_EYES_99 April 11th, 2001 09:05 PM

((((((Skye Wow))))) :hi: see you when I get back I will hit the sack soon as I have a very early flight ..... Love to all.... Maybe when I get back I will get into the room :sob: :sob: miss my roomies... take care and remember ((((( to all)))))

AuroraWOW April 14th, 2001 03:39 PM

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AuroraWOW April 14th, 2001 03:40 PM

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mysterre April 14th, 2001 05:52 PM

((((Skye))) Hoppy Easter! :)

SkyeWOW April 15th, 2001 11:08 AM





StarshineTF April 18th, 2001 04:54 PM

((((((( SKYE )))))))))

Where are ya? I have been hunting and hunting all over da place. <g>

/me leaves some chocolate, maybe that will bring ya out of hiding, lolol

SkyeWOW April 18th, 2001 07:27 PM

{{{{Starshine}}}} at the car hospital:-( Missy doesn't like that fact that she's gonna turn 100,000 this week.. soooo she's giving me a run for my money, doing things that not even the mechanic can figure out. I finally told him to put in a new thermostate because evidently she must be going through menopause as well... imagine, he didn't think that was a bit funny!!:rolleyes: I swear, don't people have a sense of humor anymore :cackle: !! So far no hot flashes and everything works<g>

AuroraWOW April 18th, 2001 11:40 PM


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