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Something struck me right at the beginning of your post and, although I'm not a psychologist, I think it might be part of the problem. Not wanting anyone to see the Weight Watchers magazine...are you feeling shameful at getting the magazine or belonging to Weight Watchers?

I had that same feeling for a while, but this session that I belong to has been different. Now I carry my WW stuff with me in the open (even the magazine) and don't care who knows I'm going and who doesn't. I feel quite different this time, and I'm having more success.

If you took the stuff out of the box again ;-) and examined how the point system works and tried to stick to your points for a week or two, I think you'd see some success, plus you'd have an idea of the quantities of food you need to eat. Portion control is key.

Last year, WW started the 10% goal, wherein the first goal you work toward is to lose 10% of your current weight. Once you reach that goal, you work toward the next, etc.

Let us know how you're doing, biker!
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