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Not sure TammyWOW but yesturday when first getting to the boards it just showed 3 catagories for posting, after hitting different lines it open up that catagory but if you hit the line to read the post nothing happen. Then to post was selecting another line. It took me several minutes of playing around to get everything up, opened to view, and etc. Was a tad weird thats why I posted about it.

But today since I was opening 'catagories' it seems to have undone what ever I couldn't see yesturday for selecting and seeing group items at one time now.

Now it looks like other messages boards I've seen. Maybe its just for the first time you get to the boards the above happens, dont' know although when I put in address bar I got a index page that usually only admin see. Even had something about Ebay for selection.... I'll see if it happens again and will copy it for you and email it so you can fix that.
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