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My friend, a true Steel Magnolia

Shewhois was a suthern woman. Strong willed, determined, outspoken, forthright, opinionated and sassier than tabasco sauce when she chose to be.

I shall miss this wonderful woman, who always knew exactly who she was. She was charming, wise, had an ascerbic wit and could zero to the heart of any matter at the speed of light.

Shewhois was gentle, kind, sweet and loving but did not suffer fools gladly. She baited snerts with a delightful zest when we homed on that other server. <G>

In the next breath she took, her thoughts would turn to dealing with a problem or simply answer with her tremendous sense of humor.

I feel fortunate she counted me as one of her loving friends. I shall miss her physical presence in my life tremendously, but she will always be alive, because she lives in my heart
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