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((((((( Rainbowzz)))))),
((((((shewhois))))) what she meant to me.. she was always a special lady. So much love, so much strength,and she shared it all never held it back. Her "white light" kept many of us going we felt the warmth of it.
I had the awesome priviledge of talking to both Rainbowzz and Shewhois a few weeks ago..
All I know is that I called to offer her some of my strength. Only to get off the phone feeling her strength in me.
We will miss her, but Know we will always feel her "White Light" around us especially when we need it..
Rainbowzz talking to you I know you have a lot of your mom's strength she will forever be with you, you will feel her in many aspects of your life.. believe me.
Shewhois rest in peace and in white light .
((((((Rainbowzz to you and your family))))) may her love forever surround you ..
Love you, Gerry
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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