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Remembering Shewhois

(((((((Shewhois)))))))) Remembering your compassion, your determination and your love. May you continue to shine with White Light in the memory of those that you blessed with your presence in life.

I was so saddened to hear the news that Shewhois had died early this morning.

But with the sadness, was relief that Shewhois was finally out of pain, and joined with the White Light, which she so strongly identified with, and would always send to the #WomensSpace roomies.

I last spoke to Shewhois on the phone a few weeks ago, and rather than being immersed in her own pain and suffering, she wanted to know how I was doing. That is typical of her, always thinking of the other person, always giving. She was looking forward to being in a place where she was able to do even more good, and send more White Light to those in need.

It's good to remember all the special things about Shewhois. She was often a participant in Writer's Chat, and you can read some of her contributions under her ottersong nickname in the Writers Chat archives at One poem in particular, springs to mind, Ottersong, which brought tears to my eyes when I re-read it just now.

To Rainbowzz, I would like to offer my condolences, and admiration for the way you have been by your mother's side, throughout her final journey. Despite your own ill health, you were there for her in a way that I know she appreciated. She would often talk about how proud she was of you, how much she cared for you.


Light and love.

Jan (aka jagguar)
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