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(((((( Rainbowzz )))))))) My thoughts are with you during this sad time. May you be soothed by comforting white light.

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a few short times in WomensSpace with Shewhois and regret not having known her for longer. It was from this wise woman that I learned about "White Light". When she came into the room, all would stop and enthusiastically wait to hear what she had to share. The love for this most wise, generous, thoughtful, peaceful, loving, kind woman will follow the white light path as she continues on her journey.

((((((shewhois )))))))) May your journey
reward you for all you have done. I feel honoured to have had you in my life
and thank you for all you have done for the roomies. Your physical presence in the room will be terribly missed, but we know that you will be here with us in spirit. Whenever I hear the term "white light" I will think of you.

((((((( Rainbowzz ))))))) We are here for you, and once the business of the next few days has subsided, please remember to look after yourself and to rest and take care of yourself.

Sending strength and comfort,
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