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I started on Middleton's <i>On The Spine of Time</i> but it was just too jocular for me right now. My sister bought me a copy of <i>Fly Fishing The Front Range</i>. And I bought myself a copy of <i>Mountain Water</i>. The latter is excellent. I wish I had read it prior to hitting some of the meadow waters of Estes, I could have been a more effective teacher. On the other hand, nuance is not high on the list for people their first trip out.

I did get Dana Rikimaru to teach my kids to cast. I cannot recomend her highly enough! Very organized, passionate, witty... she made even knots seem fun to a group of 12 14-18 year old kids. Her book is brilliant. When my friend comes to visit me, I am booking Dana for a one day guiding trip (she can guide me and teach her.) Over xmas break I am planning on kidnapping Dana and going out to the S. Platte to camp and fish in the snow.

Found a place a mere 3 miles from work... heh... with 7.5 pound 'bows in it!!!! Wahooooooo!
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