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Should abortion be legal, you ask? My question would be, what are the benefits to making it illegal?

Everyone must decide for herself at what point the growing number of cells in her womb becomes a human being. Some women choose to believe that the joining of the sperm with the egg creates a human being with rights of its own. Others choose to believe that, until those growing cells are viable outside the womb, they are simply cells that are growing together at a rapid rate with the end goal of becoming a human being.

We are free to choose how we believe. Our beliefs guide us, should we be faced with the unpleasant reality of an unwanted pregnancy. That would not change should abortion become illegal. What would change is the method by which we could abort. Those women for whom money is plentiful would still acquire safe abortions in sanitary conditions by traveling to countries with legal abortion. Those women who find that money is more difficult to come by would be faced with visiting someone who may or may not have access to sterile conditions; someone who may or may not have any medical knowledge or training; someone who may or may not have a clue what they're doing. Those women who find that money is not available would become criminals and could be jailed.

You claim only "39 women died from abortion complications the last year they were illegal". I suggest that only 39 deaths were officially attributed to complications of illegal abortions. I suggest that the number was perhaps MUCH higher, but the deaths were attributed to other causes. If your loved one died of complications of an illegal abortion, would you want that to be her legacy? Would you want people remembering that she died because she broke the law? Or would you do everything in your power to hide that fact and perhaps have her death listed as due to "complications of pregnancy" or "unknown causes" or some other vague cause? I think many women's families hid the real cause of their deaths, which makes any valid statistics difficult to acquire.
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