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CHEER UP!!! There's a yuppie somewhere who just pulled a hamstring in one of those sissy aerobics classes.
CHEER UP!!! Remember that nasty old nun who used to hit your knuckles with a ruler? She's 75 years old now, and she has arthritis.

CHEER UP!!! The worse things get,...the less you have to lose!

CHEER UP!!! You'll be happy to know that your local newspaper is made of 50% recycled material. (That's 1% recycled paper; 49% recycled news articles.)
CHEER UP!!! Miss Manners has finally been discredited. It's rude to tell other people what to do!

CHEER UP!!! Sigmund Freud has been discredited, too. It's lewd to tell other people about their poo.
CHEER UP!!! Every three minutes, somewhere in America a suburban housewife backs the family car through the garage door.

CHEER UP!!! No matter how bad things get, your folks still have your old bedroom ready, and you're welcome to go back home.
CHEER UP!!! The time you spent reading this joke could've been spent more productively. But you're not bothered because you're one of those well-adjusted people who really doesn't give a dam%.
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