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I deleted a few posts that were inappropriate. In the process, a post or two that wouldn't have made sense were also deleted.

If you have family issues, this isn't the place to air your problems with each other. Dragging other folks into your issues isn't what WOW is about. If other family members post about these same issues, their posts will also be deleted. Please do not recruit others to back up your claims and/or argue with each other regarding the issues. Please take your concerns/arguments with each other to e-mail, phone or any other means you have.

Any further posts regarding these issues will be deleted and warnings will be given to those who post or respond to such issues.

Those of you who have been with WOW over the years know that we rarely delete posts. However, when it comes to blatant accusations after you have been asked not to do it, we will delete those posts and you take a chance of being banned from this site.
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