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Are all men as frustrating as my husband. I can never seem to do the right thing and I am getting very sick of trying. We have been together for 7 years. He has a son and cow of an ex wife. His son is okay and teenager now so able to look after himself somewhat but my life still has to revolve around his every demand which I hate since he's not my child. Husband never seems to see all the things I do for his son, only seems to see when I tell him off for doing something wrong etc. and yells at me for telling off his son.
My husband is so sweet when he wants to be but has a stressful job and gets agitated so easily and takes it out on me. He gets so angry and won't talk to me, he ignores me and when he eventually talks to me he gets mean about everything and snaps at everything I say. He won't tell me what is wrong he just acts grumpy. I want to do whatever I can to make him happy but it seems like anything I do just makes him madder. Am I being a naive idiot and should just let him get over it and not try to fix everything? He seems to get grumpy all the time out of nowhere and I hate the thought that I may have done something to cause it. Why are men so hard to read and understand? Why cant they just say what's on their mind then the problem can be solved.
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