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How did you know?

I know this is kind of a lame question, and i know you've probably answered it 500 times already, but can you answer it just one more time?
How did you know you were a lesbian? Especially if you were mainly in relationships with men previously. I'll try to explain my situation in a nutshell. I was very young when I had my first same sex experience, and loved it from the start. I had a relationship with my best friend when we were teenagers. Had a one night stand with a woman when I was 19, and dated (but never slept with) a woman in my early twenties. That's about it.

Most of my relationships have been with men, and these men have not always been very nice. I tend to end up in relationships that are not good for me. I have been with my current boyfriend for almost 6 years, and it's not really going anywhere. It's certainly not awful, but it's definitely lacking. Sometimes I feel like this is it, I know that I've settled to a degree, but I also know that there's not much better out there when it comes to men. Men lie, they cheat. They manipulate, they yell. I know that women do these things too, but women are at least capable of feeling deep emotions, empathy... and they don't make sex dirty.

I crave closeness. I crave desire, sensuality. I want a deep, solid emotional connection. This is going to sound seriously pathetic, but I somehow discovered something on youtube called "Girls Love Girls", and it's pretty much just really, really hot clips of women kissing...I watched a few of these, and I FELT something. I know that it's all acting, but no man has ever looked at me that way. That's what I want.
Any advice?
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