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I have always thought about being a lesbian. I swore off men in between every relationship I've ever had with one, lol. For some reason, I kept going back. I was 23 when I entered into the relationship I'm in now. Now I am almost 29. This is my longest relationship, and I feel like I've grown a lot in 6 years. I'm lonely, because he is not capable of giving me the emotional connection that I need. I didn't need to connect at the start of our relationship.
So now I'm left wondering exactly what I want and need, and I find myself lost somewhere between the comfort that I have with him, and thoughts of what it would be like to have an actual serious relationship with a woman. Sometimes it's silly things. Like, we could share clothes, and go shopping together...and sometimes it's more serious. Like, we could grow old together. Understand, and love each other unconditionally. You know?
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