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{{{{{Les}}}}} Now that I've had a few hours to think about it, I think the rock music in "A Knight's Tale" was fun! The medieval thing's been done to death, but a throwback 70's soundtrack hasn't. I about died when "Sir Ulrich" was showing a "native Geldean dance" (which he was making up as he went along), and Bowie snuck into the soundtrack! That and the jousting scene from the trailer where everyone is clapping and stomping to "We Will, We Will Rock You" had the whole audience laughing really loudly, almost hysterically at times.<p>
{{{{{Lou}}}}} I think I love your friend Roseanne! <G> I just keep buying leopard print rugs to put over the stains in the carpet. It's starting to look Persian tent-like in here.<p>
I finally made that lomg-dreaded trip to Wal-Mart today after the movie, with Dave in tow (that man's too easy to tow!). I got compact fluorescents for the living room lamp, plus a couple of spares since they were on sale for under $5. I got a new eggcrate thingy for my bed, and am looking forward to sleeping on it tonight - the old one I tossed had a *bad* wrinkle in it that was getting mightily uncomfy. I looked long and hard at a Moon and Stars shower curtain to go with my bathroom set, and finally decided it would overwhelm my tiny bathroom. Dave has the curtain - so he bought the towels and rug. Too funny that we inadvertently decorated in the same pattern! Also too funny that Dave was on the Wal-Mart trip, not Nadine, but he was certainly a bigger help in determining what lights I dcould replace than Nadine could have been, and he found more-or-less what I was looking for in a sprayer to attach to my kitchen faucett. It's not like my old one, but it works pretty well.<p>
{{{{{roo, Moon, Mysterre, Kathe, everyone}}}}} 'Night!
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