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from today's Times...

<b>By last night an estimated 9,000 demonstrators had arrived in the second city, 300 miles southwest of Stockholm. Hundreds of people bared their buttocks in a protest aimed at sending a strong message to President Bush, and at least eight people were arrested after clashing with riot police outside a high school. Nobody was injured in the scuffle, which broke out after youths in black masks hurled bottles and cobblestones at police, marring a day of otherwise peaceful demonstrations.

The protesters included environmentalists furious at Mr Bush?s rejection of the Kyoto accords; feminists angered by his opposition to abortion; left-wing groups opposed to globalisation; death penalty opponents; trade unionists and a medley of groups opposed to Mr Bush?s policies in the Middle East, Cuba and Latin America. More than 40 groups came together under the umbrella organisation Bush Not Welcome.

They converged in the city centre to perform what was hailed as the first organised ?mass moon? protest. At precisely 4.08pm, amid smirks and bemused giggles from a row of watching policemen, a small brass band burst into sound and gave the signal for about 2,000 naked buttocks to be pointed in the direction of President Bush?s hotel.

Male, female, hairy, spotty, pale, tanned ? the range of bottoms displayed in the square opposite the SAS Radisson hotel was meant to give the visiting President a lasting and unmistakable impression of just how poorly he is rated by ordinary Europeans.</b>
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