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(((((((((Minty, WA, Jo-Jo)))))))))

Minty, Peggy was so proud of you. Had so much love for you. This I know to be true, she and I spoke about on the phone several times. You not only danced for her, but she also said you were a great cook. Keep the good memories there the ones that you can share with a smile.

OMG the Hustle loved that dance. Rofl lots of fun memories with that one.

On the Dancing with Stars show.. I think Kelly ( from GH ) and her partner have really come a long way. Wasn't she a trooper with the wardrobe malfuction and all.. poor Kelly.

Now taking you back even futher .. The Stroll... That was a great fun dance...
.... leaves the folder singing and dancing... Come let's stroooool stroll across floor, turn around ...and stroll once more ....Strooooooooolllling Strooooling .... right out the door
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