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No stones please, but I'm voting R, one reason why

Iím coming out of the closet, Iím voting Romney! One selfish reason why. (1) I donít know about others, but my 401K portfolio has been pretty stagnant, no growth really, for the last 4-years. And with the price of gas, I have even less disposable income. (I refuse to defend the last President, but I bought gas for $1.85 on Election Day 2008.) So hereís my point. Assume you start your working life at 22-years of age and you plan retirement at age 62. Per the plan you have a 40-year time span to achieve a 401K savings that will permit a comfortable retirement life. Four years have now gone by with little, if any economic recovery. Thatís 10% of your working life. Ouch. Now some of you will say, "But Bush was Satan and things were so bad nobody could have done better than this President". So you now say letís all re-up for another 4-years! Not me,sorry. Iím unwilling to potentially loose 20% (8-years) of my savings and investment working life. After all, what is the "new" Obama plan? I heard nothing new in the debate. I didnít hear a plan to even achieve a balanced budget. More windmills, solar panels, what exactly? Nope I cannot afford to waste another 4-years on hope and change, if it means voting for more slogans and without a clear plan. Romney has one, read the debate transcript. I mean wouldnít we be better off if the billions weíve invested in Solar energy would have been applied providing incentives to develop natural gas and hydrogen distribution infrastructure. The customer (market) would then be able to determine whether gasoline, hydrogen or natural gas would be the best answer to achieve a cleaner, more cost effective solution.
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