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Well, I don't know what to say! I've never been grossly obese, and I truly can't know what a person who is 100 pounds overweight is feeling.

It doesn't irritate me at all when a person who needs to lose 100+ pounds brags about losing 20 pounds. Hell, I'm happy when I lose 1 pound! It's a one-day-at-a-time kind of thing, I think.

And, BTW, WW doesn't tell you what to eat at all. You can basically eat whatever you want, as long as you stay within your points. If you don't like the about beans? Lots of fiber, fills you up, and you don't use up a lot of points. The point of pushing veggies is that they are typically 0 points, and satisfy the appetites of most people. I'm lucky...I love vegetables. While I was writing this very post, Rick came back from the store with a veggie tray for each of us. ;-)

If you'd like, I can send you some recipes from the site (ones without veggies ;-) Let me know!
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