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LOL to TV psychologists!

I watch those three shows as well! I wouldn't miss 'em! Unfortunately, there are far too many shows that I wouldn't miss. TIVO has become my best friend. I'm up to date on those three though.

Other must see shows are Lost, Conviction, Bones, and The Sopranos, of course! That's not to mention the requisite American Idol, Amazing Race and Top Chef.

There are fantastic shows on FX! Rescue Me is one of my favorites; season 3 begins this summer. The Shield will be back with about 1/2 of a season and then it will be gone for good. It was awesome but they wanted to go out with a bang, no pun intended. Thief is a new one, but also very good! I'm way behind on that one, but will catch up one of these days.

I don't really have time to watch TV right now, which, looking at my list, would explain why I'm not getting any sleep these days. ;-)
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