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Cherry, I don't know how the doc's in Australia handle patients with diabetes but usually, at least here in the States, they have you go through a diabetes clinic. It's given by folks who are trained to teach diabetics how to properly plan their meals, what's good, what's not and how to calculate amounts you can have per serving to keep your blood sugars within a normal range for you.

I do know that one thing they do stress is healthy eating and that just about anything can be eaten within reason. As long as you monitor yourself regularly.

Financially healthy eating can be expensive at first but if you learn portions, it actually works itself out.

My dad was Type II and on insulin until he died. He was in his late 50's when he was diagnosed and followed a great meal plan that worked for him.

If you can find a dietician that specializes in diabetes I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you'll learn.
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