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Unhappy Type 2 and No support

Well I dont have type 1 but I do have type 2 for a year now. I have been to diabetic educators and have loads of info. Still looking for a cookbook for a family with a diabetic. Mind you I have a 17 year old son still in the house.
The main reason I am writing this is due to the fact that I have no support whatsoever in the house from anyone. Including the husband. Since his blow up in February, his 3 month non-vacation due to his back injury, and of course his Mom passing away, our relationship has deteriorated (sp?)
He knows when I am home or where I am i.e. Pow Wows and etc. He knows he is invited to come along for most of them, i.e. not the military reunion due to the cost and time frame.
Yet I clean the house when I am home, leave it clean and come home and its a wreck. Let alone the smells that come from it! OMG! Gross! Ick!
There are things I can do, yet some new limitations have become known. Mainly with what I can carry and etc on my own without help. He says he wants things back to normal but doesnt help to work towards that goal by not being here and etc when I am. I know that things wont be normal but they could get better over time. Now I am back into being in limbo land. UGh! Other than doing things to keep me occupied and positive not much else going on. Hence if anyone wants to reply its your choice although I would most certainly read them.

I do agree that the more info you get on diabetes things get easier.
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