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((((((((( DACD)))))))))))))) ((((((((Addie, Tiffin ))))))))))))))


As Addie said you had a tough decision to make. You made the right choice for all. Second guessing now is normal.

A yr before my mom passed she was living at my sister's. She had cancer. I worked out a schedule with my family. On Thurs I would go to my sister's ( buses, trains . Then on Sun my hubby and the kids would pick me up. They would get to visit. My sister and her hubby could go out. It worked.

However my oldest daughter had a competiton in OHIO, that last Thurs and I wanted her to go. so many things that they did, she needed that. Needless to say.. That was the night my mom passed away. I wasn't there .

Guilt riddled me for a long time. Even though it was the first Thurs missed in a yr. Being there wouldn't have changed anything.

Riddled with the What if's? If Only's?? It took a long time for me to work though that.

Now with my oldest sister passing, hubby getting sick, and a good friend getting killed. My emotions have been on a wild ride.

Thought I could handle everything, thought wrong. Realizing that now.

Giving myself a gift of seeing a counselor. It will be someone who is not on the roller coaster ride, that I
can talk to.

Sincerly hope ((((((((( DACD)))))))))) that you can find someone to talk to. These boards are great. Thanks (((((((Addie )))))))))

(((((((( Tiffin ))))))))))))), called my mom's number forever after. So it seemed. They didn't give her number away for a yr. ..

We did have Chinese for New Year, but couldn't on birthday because it was something Ann and I did that for yrs celebrating our birthdays. ( she considered me her belated birthday present.. 8 yrs and a week between us.) It was a rough time this yr. The last time we celebrated was inbetween her hospital stints.

((((((((((((( DACD )))))))))))))) extra hugs just because. Didn't mean to run off at the mouth like that. But letting it stay.
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