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i read a publication in an old maginzine(2007) about how the Dafur women of Sudan are being raped at random by the Janjaweed rebels.With tears in my eyes, i read about a fourteen year old girl that was raped, got pregnant, gave birth and refused to touch the baby, not to talk of breastfeeding the baby and the baby died of starvation. Another girl was raped, got pregnant and took iodine with the belief that it will kill the foetus, the girl died a slow and painful death.This is just a few of the heartbraking tales.
Does anybody know if this is still going on in Sudan and if yes, why is the government of Sudan not doing something about it,why are they allowing the women of Dafur to be dehumanized and why is it that their so called law requires four men witness before accepting that a woman is raped?
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