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Mary ..take a deep breath will survive.

Losing your husband like this after so many years is just as traumatic as a death and in some ways even worse.
No one can wave a magic wand and make the pain go away but it will get better in time.
A friend went through this quite recently and she is now back in night school and working she is a stronger more confident and independant woman than ever before.

For now try to keep things civil, even though you might want to push him under a bus it wont really help!

Make sure you have good legal advice do not sign or agree to anything without consulting a lawyer first.
If you can get an amicable split great but these things often turn nasty and if you are not prepared it can knock the wind out of your sails.

Most of all take time for yourself dont be rushed dont let anyone push you around, you didnt ask for this and you deserve a little consideration.

Good luck and big hugs
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