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antiana I am currently using primarily my dremel to do a wood carving from a cedar log (about 4 inches in diameter)I am also using wood carving tools and a couple of chisels. I got a set of wood carving bits for the dremel and it is working quite nicely on this totem type sculpture. Don't be afraid, just do it. It takes awhile to get used to the feel of it in your hand and to learn which way the different bits need to be guided and what they do. I found that holding the dremel tool itself like a pencil is the most comfortable way to use it and it is less likely to "get away" from you. Make sure you wear safety glasses whatever you are doing and if you plan on carving wood or plaster or stone with it, be sure to use a dust mask. They sell carving bits at our flea market for 6.75 a set, quite a savings over the 2-4 dollars a piece you will pay at Home Depot or Lowes. What do you want to carve your turtle out of?
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