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Awww thank you ((((Jennifer23)))) You are sweet and all of you are in my prayers. Now I have a couple of announcements to make.
Yesterday my honey and I accepted 6 children in our home. 4 boys 2 girls all Lakota children. Then today from the same orphanage we have 5 girls. In 121 days we hope to start adoption on all of them. If the children had stayed in the Large orphanage they would of been divided to be adopted out. Then out of the 5 girls the younger two were beaten by their Foster parents. Where the younger two have black and blue bruising, welts and cuts. We will be getting them counseling and whatever else they may need along with lots of Love Hugs and Kisses. Grandpa Bert bought us an 12 bedroom 3 bathroom farm house. The local YMCA donated some bed frames. A local business gave us the mattresses. The Children Protection services is getting a conversion van with lots of seats to use as long as we need too. So yes we all are being blessed. I hope all of you are doing well being safe and happy. Hugs
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