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Hey Wolfie, I am so proud of you. I hope your feeling better soon. Ear infections can really drag you down. Terri, Thank you! Its been a rough road here and I hope the road will be short. Terri, your message is loud and clear. Cancer and smoking are the number one silent killers of women. Free medical for women is truely needed. Most of us do not have medical or cannot afford it, for what ever reason.

I do know that if you call your Board of Health in your city, they do have programs for women over the age of 40.

I do know for a fact that insurance companies will not cover Zyban, but will cover Wellbutrin SR. Same drug, difference in use of name and application.

I thought by now I would notice differences in taste and smells. Really thought food would start tasting better, but it has not. Maybe that is a good thing for me.

These are the items that helped me through.
1. The horrible thought of not being able to enjoy life. My illness.
2. Wellbutrin SR twice a day.
3. Two or three showers a day.
4. Orange juice taken with meds and one extra glass.
5. Brushing my teeth four to six times a day.
6. Change in my diet Less meat, more fruit and veggies.
7. Execising right now is important. You must keep those muscles in oxygen. They are not use it because of the smoking. To help stop with the leg cramps, I suggest walking, stretching, and pushing of the foot and toes againest an object as your laying down.

If you fail, don't worry. Its not a failure. Just keep trying till you finally quit. That is the best gift anyone can give to them selves. The awarness that they can do anything.

I aways thought, if I quit smoking, I would never ever stand on a soap box talking about it. I could never understand how others could be so pushy about it. I swore I would never act like them if I quit. If I could go back in time, and understand, I would have quit long time ago. Now I have to pay a price. If I just made one person aware of how smoking reacts to body and the damages it does to your vascular system I have suceeded.
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