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I have this little problem with Bailey..

Across the street from my house is a computer store (how funny is that? <g>) Behind us, there are warehouses.. some of them are just storage.. our ceramic studio is in one.. and others are converted to offices.

People are coming and going all the time here, which is very different from the apartment life Bailey is used to, so when she goes outside she has this burning desire to bark like crazy everytime she sees a person out there, which is OFTEN. And as soon as her trap opens, her ears close.. LOL.. we can't get her to come back in..

It sounds like this post belongs in the pets folder <g> but it really doesn't.

I was outside yesterday and I was looking at the fence.. do any of y'all know of a bush or something that is would be good to plant along the fence to block shorty's view?

It would need to:

1) Be relatively cheap
2) Be something I can't kill (see the chia pet post)
3) Not take 200 years to grow tall enough <g>
4) Not grow into and damage the fence
5) And last but certainly not least, <B>not</B> be azaleas.

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