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I highly recommend a Kodak DX3500.

You don't need some 4.2 megapixel super camera unless you're planning to do things like take insurance photographs of rare diamonds under a bright light.

They stopped making the DX 3500, but they still have em on eBay a lot for like 100 bucks.

These are a GREAT camera.

I also recommend getting a little miniature tripod...the ones that are about 4 inches high.

A company named Giottos (or Glottos) makes them.

Lastly, you might want to get an upgrade memory chip of 128 so that your camera can hold 250+ pictures at a time.

That way, you can carry it around and take hundreds of pictures!

It's a great little investment.

If you need a color printer to go along with it, check out the Lexmark Z53.

They sell those on eBay too super-cheap and they work wonders.

You could probably get the whole kit of those 3 things for $200 and your set!

And if you ever need extra ink just call up Lexmark...they're pretty liberal about giving away freebies or at least they were a while ago.

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