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I do enjoy watching the dancing. Am envious that they do it with so much class. Wish they could all win.

Ballroom dance is classy & sexy. My older sister was an Arthur Murray dancer. She taught, she competed, she won many contests. The prize in the contest was a cruise.
My other sister and her hubby do a lot of ballroom dancing as well as Irish 2 step.
Hubby and I are not so fancy. We do the cha cha, / swing more of a jitterbug. When we go to weddings/ parties we are usually the first ones up on the dance floor and the last to sit down. ( Although I'm sure that there are those who would prefer us to sit. ) aha!

Our daughters both took dance/ the oldest with all the kids still does. As well as do the grandkids. Tap, jazz, ballet etc.
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