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Redneck Divorce

Judge:"What are the grounds for divorce?"
Woman:"About four acres and a nice little home with a stream.
Judge:"I mean the foudation of the case?"
Woman:"It is made of brick and mortar."
Judge:"I mean what are your relations like?"
Woman:"I have an aunt and uncle in town, and so do my husbands parents."
Judge:"Do you have a real grudge?"
Woman:"No, we have a two car carport."
Judge:"Please, is there any infidelity in the marriage?"
Woman:"Yes. Both my son and daughter have stereos."
Judge:"Ma'am does your husband ever beat you?"
Woman:"Yup, about twice a weak he gets up earlier then I do."
Judge in frustration:"Lady why do you want a divorce?"
Woman:"I've never wanted a divorce. My husband does. He says he can't communicate with me!"
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