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Well isnt that why we come here? To bolster each other up when we are down? To help or listen or whatever is needed? Cause sometimes we just know right? LOL Although some days I do worry <WEG> then again I do have a warped sense of humor and etc right? LOL I know and its funny as heck ya'll love it. Or I think ya do Rofl So get up and Dance like that lady did in the airport. Who cares why? Just do and be happy! Imagine me dancing like a nut with you LOL Good visual huh? trust me I do all sorts of silly things Just a fair warning though I am on a roll! LOL

Btw talked to Travis the oldest who is still in the Navy for two and half hours the other night. It was so awesome. Ya see I have this figurine of his that sits by my tv. I was looking at it earlier in the day, hoping and wishing to hear from him that I actually said it out loud. And later on that night (thursday) I did and it was great. He says Merry Christmas Happy New Years and Hugs to all of you Kisses too
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