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Frankly I think the stimulus has been a total waste of money. First, the Federal Government is nearly borrowing forty cents of every dollar it spends. How long can that go on before imflation gets out of control. And inflation husts the poor most of all since it reduces the buying power of their limited assets. Bernanke continues to authorize the printing of dollars. Calls that "quantitative easing". I call it simply diluting the value of the dollar to keep the economy artificially afloat. Wonder why gasoline and other commodaties are increasing in cost, gold for example? It is due to the fact that holding dollars is not holding value. Supply and demand, dollars loose value as more are printed out of thin air without a basis. So people switch to buying things, oil futures, gold etc. I predict that if Obama is re-elected, we will have a depression in two years. Obama is just not serious about reigning in the spending. Just this week every democrat in the house of representattives voted against their own leaders budget. Get serious ladies.
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