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Hi everybody! I have been gone a while. I work in construction and think that everyone has a right to get the story straight on home improvement so I started an advice column of sorts here. It is really great to see other women doing it themselves. More power to us! I've got a victorian home that I am renovating (slowly) so I can relate to what you all are talking about. I am a believer in reclycling housing materials. My neighbors throw out fantastic woodwork and put in new stuff and I think that is just crazy. They are removing the character and unique quality of their home for the ease of new construction. Just last weekend I found 60 linear feet of beautiful oak baseboard intricately milled 1 foot high, enough for my main attic room. Then someone threw out a stack of 1 by 4's, 6's, 8's, and 10's; perfectly straight, no nails and painted red, gray, black, off white, and magenta on one side. My kitchen has had only a subfloor since I lived in it and was going to do what my friend's 1797 house is like in MA. Her floors are made of pine, all different widths, all 1" thick, sanded with a bit of paint showing and clear coated. So I layed the floor using heavy duty 3" screw nails with the different colors showing on some of them. Then I am going to sand it down to show just the right amount of color for my taste, and give it several coats of poly, no stain. This method is easier than tongue and grove oak and more forgiving, because of the distressed look. Pine is soft to walk on and a warm insulator and not as pricy as oak. I have enough for the office and hall and start the livingroom upstairs. I just wanted to share that because I am so happy for the find. Next I am going to put in new cabinets and cupboards to replace my '50s kitchen. It is entirely found and was fun while it lasted; but it's time for a modernization.
Jean Wilson
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