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Oops! I should have done my homework before I posted last - the program is Adobe InDesign (no spaces). I'm finding some encouraging stuff online, but am still quite anxious to hear from someone who has used InDesign, and to find a good tutorial.<p>
The 2 p.m. news here is showing TWO wild bears on the loose in So Cal neighborhoods - one is swimming laps in someone's (very nice, stone-rimmed) pool. :-) The other eluded the cameras. I hope they catch them and relocate them safely. After seeing all those animals last weekend, I am still crazy enough to want to pet a ("tamed") wild cat, but bears - well, they intimidate me a bit! I think it's the shape of their mouth, or perhaps the configuration of their claws. But still, the bears were here first, and I hope the two who are visiting humanland are ok.
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