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How do I introduce the idea of me being a lesbian to my children?

I have been in a relationship for over a year with my gf. I am separated for over a year and have three children. I haven't told anyone about my gf really and I can feel the quiet stress of this in our relationship. She does not pressure me but I know it wears on her. I am afraid to tell my children because they have had so many changes in their lives in just a year. But the longer I wait, the more I feel that I am betraying them and fear they will not understand and resent me. And I feel that I am betraying my girlfriend by not having the strength to share our love with the people in my life. The pressure screams even though it is never spoken. Any one have any hopeful suggestions that will prove less painful for all? Btw, my children adore her and think she is my best friend. So she feels the fear of betrayal as well. My ex also doesn't know for sure and I am afraid he will try to take my kids from me if I admit it.
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