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Well, looks like my instincts and gut feelings were right. Went to the doc today to get the results from all the blood work. Vitamin B12 is low, which accounts for the fatigue, and blood glucose was up (6.3 -- the Canadian Diabetes Association defines diabetes as blood sugar above 6.5...)

*Sigh* ... Not what I wanted to hear! I'm borderline, but I still need to cut all sugar from my diet, reduce the carbs, and walk 2.5+ miles, 6 days a week.

Yeah, I guess you could say I'm having "one of those days" ... Getting to work after having to wait at the clinic forever for the results, only to have to spend 20 minutes under my desk f***ing around with cables and wires to get my damn computer operational is definitely NOT what I needed today!!!

/me needs a hug...
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