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The Doppelganger and the Seance

A doppelganger is a persons spiritual double. Some say its an aura, others say its the image you see looking back at you from the mirror. As long as the doppelganger is in the mirror, the person is safe, but once outside the mirror, the appearance always predicts death...always.
Catherine the Great of Russia once saw her doppelganger walking toward her. She ordered her soldiers to shoot it, but of course,nothing happened. It scared her so badly. Within hours, Catherine was dead.
There was once a medium living in Memphis TN who was very busy summoning up the dead. She would be called to the home of a rich person, only they could afford her services, and she would hold seances. They would sit around a table, in the dark, hold hands and she would go into a trance. Eerie noises would come out of the dark, objects would move without anybody touching them.
Nobody could prove her to be a fake, though many tried. If she ever did use trickery, she was very good at it. One man, however, was determined to expose her.
Even though he had many rich friends in Memphis and attended many of her seances, he culdnt find a flaw in her.
The medium knew what the man was up to, but she put up with him anyway.
One night, there were about a half dozen people at one of her seances, including this man. A family had just lost a son to a tragic accident an they were trying to find some missing stocks and bonds.
During the seance the medium outdid herself. Not only were there rappings and tappings, but the room became cold and the son appeared.
The people were in awe. The son floated around the room answering questions from family through the medium.
When the ghost told the family where the bonds were, sombody went and got them. Even the man was impressed that night.
The medium said, I suppose sir you are finally convinced of my power. Now will you leave me alone? The man said, yes youve more than convinced me. There is no way you could have known where those papers were. And I have never seen a medium produce 2 ghosts before.
Two ghosts? What 2? The man said, one was the son, the other was...YOU. This scared the medium so badly she ran from the house screaming. When she went into the street, she didnt see a car speeding around the corner. A second later, her dead, broken body was lieing on the pavement.
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