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When I read this story, it kinda gave me the willies. I have been to this theatre before, I just didnt know it was haunted. I will do my best to remember the story.

Little Mary

In Memphis TN there is a theatre called the Orpheum. Indy and I went there in March to see the Phantom of the Opera. Since this is a play about a ghost, if I had come in contact with Mary, I wouldnt have known the difference. I probably would have thought that it was part of the play lol.
The Orpheum as a very colorful background. It has been used as a movie theatre, for vaudeville, and now for fine arts. Many years ago, a little girl named Mary had been playing in the street outside the theatre. Some think she may have gotten run over by a trolley and gone inside the theatre for safety and security. Well, however Mary died she now haunts the theatre.
Her favorite seat is C-5 and some will tell you that when they sit in that seat, they will get a cold chill for no reason. Others will tell that they hear little feet scuffeling up the aisles.
One night a custodian was picking up a piece of paper a vacuum cleaner missed. He was bent over and looking between his legs, when he saw an extra pair of legs. Those of a small girl. When he straightened up and turned around, the legs were gone. But he saw that the girl was wearing a white dress with the hem at about her ankles.
Mary had never tried to do any harm to anybody at the theatre. It is said that there are several other ghosts in this theatre, but Mary is by far the most active of them all.
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