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Um no I wont take it! I will take a new plan that I will devise for myself like before. Now here is something that I wrote up. So I can take and keep accountability for myself.

So many insights things none of my doctors have ever told me let alone clue me in. So in due process, I started taking stock of what I was actually doing to have a better accounting of it all. One, was not checking my BG often or enough. Two, not watching on the various "snacks" I was eating. Three, not realizing how little or less of activity or exercise I was getting. Right now money is a major factor on going to the gym. So I am going to revise a few things. All three above mainly. Then slowly and surely work towards a low carb. When someone mentions terms like "Low carb Diet" I had an idea of it. Yet was mainly vague. I am now slowly learning the meaning of them and how they refer to myself. How I can improve by implementing these to my life. So perhaps I was redundant to a point. Yet I feel that our doctors we deal with should take accountability as well. More so the CDE aka Certified Diabetic Educator. My nutritionist aka Endo is busy with a new baby. So I am hoping that in due time I will have a better status report to give her and others as well. The only person now I have or plan on having accountability from is myself. Just like before, I did it alone with no doctors, nutritionists, and trainers. Yet thanks to the group here, I know I have others I can discuss these things. Where I may not get an absolute answer but I can get a better understanding of things. So thank you Diane and all of you. Have a great day!
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