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Just wanted to pass on right now that my puppy Shoshone Saege is in the Pet Hospital! She is showing signs of Parvo. This is a viral disease that can be picked up by the puppy/dog by several things. One is by another dog's feces. Two is by fleas. Three is by bird droppings. That is what the vet had told me. If you puppy gets Parvo there are several factors to watch out for. Vomitting, lethargic, lack of appetite, diarrhea that has an oil/metallic smell to it.The last one you will know what I mean. There are shots to help prevent this yet it can happen to a puppy anytime and the older they get the less likey it would happen. If you have a puppy and love it then be a good Mommy/Daddy and keep its shots up to date. My puppy Saege is like my child and when my child is in the hospital I am a big ole cry baby. Cant really function and dont want to until I hear my puppy is home. In the meantime, hope all is well with all of you. Take care
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