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Yes, Hilie, in my opinion, knowing LOTS of women will continue to seek abortions out of desperation is enough to make them non-criminal. Are the voices of those women not important? I personally know about 15 women who've had abortions for a variety of reasons. Adoption was an option for some of them, but they chose not to go through the adoption process...which is very difficult. It sounds easy, but believe me, it isn't. For many women abortion is the best choice, and they don't deserve to be criminalized because of that choice.

My sister was punished. Adoption was not an option she was ever offered. She made her bed and she was by god made to sleep in it! Another friend of mine got pregnant at 16. Her parents forced her to give that child up for adoption. She was sent to a home for girls in New Orleans and was not ever allowed to see the child after it was born. These are real people in real circumstances. That's they way things were 30 years ago, and this kind of punishment against women will raise it's ugly head once again if abortion is criminalized.

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