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Unhappy Remembering Sadielou

Sadielou......Real life friend......roomie....biggest WS fan ever. She lost her life 10 yrs ago today. We miss her greatly.
Sadielou introduced me to her "roomies" Feb 7th 1998, exactly 6 months before her and her husbands tragic deaths, almost as if she knew how much I would need all my roomies when she left.
She still lives here. I can feel her. Every time I log in it's like her presence is there. I still have all her e-mails printed, (her webtv e-mail background music was 'spirit in the sky') I wish I had a scanner so I could share them. Her love for WS is obvious in them, her humor is in them too.
The Wow's and roomies were the best therapist I could've had, no amount of money could've bought what they gave me. A place to talk, my silent tears hitting my keyboard, then later laugh with them about the chats we all shared with her. They were there with me through the Murder trial, all the way to the sentencing a year later of my then 16 yr old Nephew, her son, who took their lives.
Today I want to thank those that listened and shared and cared.
I will put a special flower on her grave today and mark it from her WomensSpace roomies.

I love you all----as she did.

Sadielou RL family:
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