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I am so happy to have found this forum to meet like-minded individuals. Ten years ago I became seriously ill, but the doctors & specialists could not find out what was wrong with me. After 3 years of going to specialists, having every test run and spending every dime on medications, I met with a nutrition counselor at a health food store.

Come to find out I was being poisoned by my brand new home and had developed multiple chemical sensitivity. After going through a supervised detox program of my home & body, I was finally on the mend. I cannot use any commercial brands of household cleaners or personal care items and have difficulty shopping due to all of the chemicals. I have to avoid synthetic fabrics, including panty hose and am unable to wear any perfumes, hairsprays or cosmetics, BUT I have found many wonderful alternative products that are good for me and Mother Earth.

This experience enabled me to become an expert on wellness and because I was unable to work (my immune system was nearly depleted and I would catch every cold and virus that came along), I found new ways to earn a living from home.

Now I am a Reiki Master, Feng Shui Practitioner, Nutrition Consultant and Wellness Coach. I feel my illness was a blessing in disguise because now I am able to help others overcome serious illness through the use of alternative healing.

I hope to meet some great folks here and if you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them!

Live Well and Dream Huge
Kathy Browning
Circle of Grace
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Ever wondered why we bothered going to the doctor. Your tests turned out well, and he said there was nothing wrong. Funny how you feel like a bus ran over you and you?re so tired you can hardly get out of bed?

Maybe it is all in your head, maybe you do need a holiday? Is your body is trying to tell you something? If only it could talk.

There is a wide gap between disease and health. Sometimes are body reacts differently to stress. I remember getting hives all over my body when I was stressed. So off I trot to the doctor, for an instant cure which did not happen! But it does say how we all have tunnel vision when it comes to our health. I wonder if there is a drug of the month club? Are doctors asked to promote certain drugs? Yet months later we read about it in the newspaper, either it killed or cured and we were the guinea pigs. Are we brainwashed by those cheery TV ads pharmaceutical companies put out? They ask us to ask our doctor but tell us nothing about the drug or what it is for?

Part of our body is now being closely looked at, our very own immune system. Its job is to fight disease and keep us alive and healthy. In fact during the Great Plague in London England it was found that four out of ten in big families lived, even though they ate the same food, lived in the one room, breathed the same air. If it was not their immune system, then what was it?

Our immune system has no nerve endings so we never know when it is healthy.
Food effects us just like a drug does in fact we forget about the wonders of
food. In the movie ?Lorenzo?s Oil?, a cure was eventually found in a certain type of oil. Another cure was found in an old 1930?s diet at the Mayo Clinic for multiple seizures in small children. The multiple seizures eventually gave the children brain damage. Of course as there was no money to be made from the diet it was shelved and was later found by a father looking for a cure and featured on the news show 60 Minutes.

Pharmaceutical companies live off our diseases, and our symptoms and there are some amazing cures. But is it in their best interest to have us well? What happens when we do suffer disease and there is no help, or we need all the strength our body can muster when we go through treatments? How do we live with the symptoms and how do we cope? How can we live a better life?

A better life might mean getting out of bed, not having pain, or gaining an appetite once more. Immune 26 was formulated only for the immune system .It maintains, builds and boosts our immune system so that it can cope with all we throw at it unknowingly .Our immune system has to cope with toxins, bad diet, pollution in the air and invaders we do not see, bacteria, mold, virus. Without a healthy immune system our body fails. Safe for the whole family to take mixed in juice, unless you suffer from egg allergy. It is not a cure, but when you have MS and cannot get out of bed, or have to have an afternoon nap, or you no longer sleep well, or you have no appetite and your energy level is so low living becomes unbearable then small miracles have been found.

In Uganda and Kenya in two of the biggest hospitals their Immune 26 is being used for patients who suffer with AIDS. The symptoms of sore joints, low appetite, weeping sores, were alleviated overhaul 80%. Patients could start to live a better life. Tests are being done all the time worldwide on Immune 26. Antibiotics have been so overused; there are some bacteria that the strongest antibiotic no longer has any effect on.

We will buy a cream for a zit, powder for a rash, aspirin for a headache, but we never ask why we have a zit, a rash, or a headache. Just one more attack for our immune system to cope with. Why not feed it well. Approach each day with help.

Email: cytko4@telusplanet.net

<B>** editted by Sysop to remove name, address, and phone numbers. If you wish to contact this person, please do so by email</B>

teal cytko4@telusplanet.net
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I just wanted to let you know about some research I'm carrying out for an article on Women and Alternative Medicine. At the moment I'm doing the research for the article and it will explore the reasons why women are choosing alternative medicine and how those choices are made. I thought you might be interested and I'm hoping that you might be able to help me out by answering a few questions. I should stress that anything said will be kept confidential and respected ??

So maybe you could say a little about:
What type of alternative medicine you chose and why?
How you learned about alternative medicine (friends, family, internet?K)?
Do you use the internet to find information about alternative medicines?
If yes: what type of information do you find most useful? How can you tell if a website is reliable? Has information you have found on the internet changed the way you manage you heath and medicines/supplements?
Do you buy any medicines/supplements from the internet?
If yes: What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying from the internet?
Do you have a positive or negative experience of seeking health related information or buying medicines/supplements from the internet that you would like to share?

I hope these questions are ok, if you prefer you can mail me with your responses k.j.ward@sheffield.ac.uk

All responses will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance,

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Most of us are exposed to environmental toxins (such as cigarette smoke, perfumes, pesticide residues or exhaust fumes) on a regular basis. To excrete these toxins from your body, you need vitamins and minerals. If you have a stressful lifestyle, your need is increased even further.

All things considered, it's pretty darn hard -- if not impossible -- to get an optimal intake of vitamins and minerals purely from the food you eat. And if this is true for those of us who think we eat "right," imagine how important it is to take supplements if your idea of a balanced meal is pizza in one hand and a soda in the other. Although vitamin and mineral supplements shouldn't be used as a substitute for healthy eating, they can go a long way to give your immune system a boost, and improve your general well-being and quality of life. Taking supplements just makes good sense.
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i have fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, diabetes, and a hip injury. reg drs are useless mostly i see a naturopath who believes autoimmune disporders are a complex combination of allergies
so far the treatment has been helpful- strict very strange diet and supplements, acupressure and acupuncture.
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